Vindicate Me

Psalms 43:1
“Vindicate me, O God,
And plead my cause…”


Arguments take place when we have differences of opinion. Both parties think they are right and the other is wrong. When these differences of opinion escalate they often lead to serious divisions. Marriages, families and churches have often been the unwary victims of intense argumentation. When arguments take place we have probably learned what to do when we are in the wrong; we humbly apologize and seek to make whatever restitution is necessary. But what about when we are right. Have you ever considered the proper action to take when you are in the midst of a misunderstanding between yourself and someone you care about? Perhaps it would do us good to reconsider what we do when we think we are right. David wrote;

“Vindicate me Oh Lord” 

Vindication is a word that speaks of judgment. It is used when we think that we are right and want other to know it. We want our case examined so that everyone will know that the accusations brought against us are false. This word is most commonly used of someone who has been falsely accused of a crime, but might also fit in a relationship where a misunderstanding or difference of opinion has escalated into an argument that has created a rift. When we find ourselves in a situation like that the best way to move forward is to get alone with God and ask Him to search our hearts and our actions and vindicate us.

I recall an incident when my wife and I had been in an argument. We both walked away upset with the other. When I sat down with the Lord and began to plead my case before Him I soon sensed that He was speaking to me. It is as if I heard Him say that while my position was right the way I went about it was completely wrong. I had not considered my wife, her feelings or her vantage point in the situation. Asking God to vindicate me led to a realization that there were things I could do differently in the situation. When we later sat down to address the situation I was able to apologize, listen to her side and we could rationally address the situation together.

The next time being right leads you to a conflict with another take the time to sit before the Lord and ask Him to search your heart and direct your path.

Pastor Jim

Questions for Psalm 43

  1. Take a careful look at verse 3, what does the Psalmist look to as a guiding light in the darkness of life?
  2. Look again at verse 3, where does the Word of God lead us?
  3. What effect did searching the Scriptures have on the emotional condition of the Psalmist?

Old Testament:
Psalm 44- Victorious
2 Samuel 13- What’s Love Got To Do With It?
2 Samuel 14- Banished

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