Worship Him

Psalm 45:11b
Because He is your Lord, worship Him.”


This is a Messianic Psalm, meaning that it is speaking prophetically of Israel’s coming Messiah. In it, the Psalmist is describing the glory of Jesus, our King, and the beauty of His Bride, the church. After describing Jesus as the King of Glory, girded with a sword, overthrowing wickedness, ruling in righteousness and reigning in glory, he speaks of the proper response from His people.

“Because He is your Lord, worship Him.”

The word “worship” is a translation of the Hebrew word “shachah”, which means to “bow down before and to give homage to.” It is a word that would be used of a person who was entering the presence of royalty and giving the proper honor. The Psalmist is declaring that the child of God is expected to enter the presence of King Jesus bowing and expressing worship.

Sometimes, it is surprising to me how some people misuse a time of corporate worship. Some treat it like the previews at the movie theater. For them, the real show does not start until the Bible study. So they regularly wander in missing most of the worship time. Others, look at worship as a concert. If the rendition of the song was done in a style they like (the volume was not too loud or too quiet, the performance did not drag on too long) then it was good worship. Still others treat worship like watching their favorite sport. If their team is doing well, their emotions rise up, and they express it with cheers. If their team is losing they are slumped over, sad and quiet. In other words, worship for some is based completely upon emotion. If they view their current circumstances as positive, then they are filled with expressive praise, but if things are not going the way they want, worship stops. The psalmist has an entirely different view of worship.

“Because He is your Lord, worship Him.”

To him, worship has a lot more to do who God is, than with us. He calls us to worship because of the glory of our Lord. I think we need to place less importance on musical style, and personal experience, and more upon the nature and character of our God. Regardless of what struggles you are facing today, the proper response is,

“Because He is your Lord, worship Him.”

Pastor Jim

Questions for Psalm 45

  1. How beautiful are the words of the Psalmist in verse 1?
  2. Look through the Psalm and describe what God is like.

Old Testament:
Psalm 46- Help In Trouble
2 Samuel 15- Memory Lane
2 Samuel 16- Love, Mercy and Grace

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