Don’t Blame Me!

2 Samuel 4:8

“And they brought the head of Ishbosheth to David at Hebron, and said to the king, ‘Here is the head of Ishbosheth, the son of Saul your enemy, who sought your life; and the Lord has avenged my lord the king this day of Saul and his descendants.’”

King Ishbosheth’s officers could see that the kingdom was collapsing; Abner, the head of the military had joined forces with  David and Ishbosheth was so depressed he spent his days lying in bed. Baanah and Rechab saw this as an opportunity to make a name for themselves. Thinking they would be richly rewarded, they decided to kill the king and bring his remains to David. Their thoughts and behaviors were a clear violation of the Word of God, and of the heart of king David, yet they convinced themselves they were serving God.

“. . . the Lord has avenged my lord the king. . . “

While it is not everyday a Christian will lop the head off of a king, it is fairly common to blame God for our own desires. I don’t think a week goes by without my hearing someone explain,  the Lord told them to do something that seems highly questionable. Just recently, a man stood emphatically on a doctrinal position, and rather than use scripture to support his position, he kept expressing how God had revealed it to him. The same is often true as it relates to actions. I have heard believers who use this same rational to justify all kinds of ungodly practices, including harboring bitterness, being divisive, or even living with a boyfriend or girlfriend. 

It is important that we learn to make a distinction between the will of God and our own emotions. The clarifying agent in every case will be the Word of God. 

Pastor Jim 

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