2 Samuel 3:9
“May God do so to Abner, and more also, if I do not do for David as the Lord has sworn to him”

Abner is an interesting case study in human behavior. He was the commander of Saul’s armies. After Saul’s death, he became the commander of Ishbosheth’s army. In many ways, he seems to be a very good man, and had even earned David’s trust. If there is one word that sums up the life of Abner, it is loyalty. Webster defines loyalty as “unswerving allegiance.” In other words, Abner was a man of commitment. We might say his word was his bond. When he committed to something, he saw it through to the end. In many ways, this is an admirable character trait. Abner’s folly was in putting his allegiance in the wrong place. By his own admission, he knew God had called David to be king, yet he found himself committed to Ishbosheth, refusing to allow David to sit upon the throne.

Today, too many follow the pattern of Abner. Knowing they should surrender their complete allegiance to Jesus, as Lord of their lives, instead, they sway back and forth between commitment to the Lord and loyalty to something else. For many, it is friendships, for others, it’s lifestyle, or substances. Whatever the case, we must learn that not all loyalty is admirable.

If you are continuing down a certain road just because that’s where you began your journey, or because you have traveled it for a long time, it is time to get off, and put your allegiance in the Lord.

Pastor Jim


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