1 Samuel 13:12

“Therefore I felt compelled, and offered a burnt offering.”

As the second year of king Saul’s reign began to unfold, the nation of Israel was in trouble. The Philistines who occupied the southwest portion of the land were seeking to expand their territories by defeating Israel. When Saul’s army saw the Philistines approaching, they began to hide in caves, and many deserted. It did not take long before his three thousand soldiers were reduced to six hundred men. Understandably, Saul was overcome by emotion.
Unfortunately, he let his emotions make his decisions for him, and these decisions would prove to be very costly.

Saul decided that what he and the people needed to do was to offer a sacrifice to God. While this might sound like a good and even noble idea, it was actually a form of disobedience, since sacrifices could only be offered by the priesthood. Saul was showing his impatience, lack of trust, and his unwillingness to submit to the word of God. The driving force behind this decision was his own emotions.

“Therefore I felt compelled, and offered a burnt offering.”

I wonder how many times our emotions have compelled us to do something the Bible forbids? Emotions cannot be the driving force behind our decision making process. Feelings must always be governed by a higher law. When we feel unloved, we must allow the Bible to remind us of the great love God has for us. When we feel tempted, we must allow the word of God to guard us against falling into forbidden actions. When we feel upset at another person, we must let the Scriptures guide our actions and show us the proper way to behave, and to resolve conflict. 

Whatever you might be feeling, keep in mind that feelings come and go, but the principles found in God’s word are unchanging, and will prove to be a reliable roadmap through the journeys of life. 

Pastor Jim 


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