Easy As 1,2,3

2 Samuel 5:7
“Nevertheless David took the stronghold of Zion (that is, the City of David).”

After taking the throne and ruling over all of Israel, David focused his attention on three crucial areas that would help to guarantee a long and successful reign.

First, he established Jerusalem as the capital of the nation. Jerusalem was centrally located and easily defendable. Although Shiloh housed the Tabernacle, Israel had lacked a central political capital. Choosing Jerusalem as the capital made a statement of a new beginning for the nation. They would not be continuing on as they had been for so many years, but would be starting fresh. This is one of the greatest benefits of becoming a child of God. Paul wrote, “. . .behold, all things become new” (2 Corinthians 5:17). We do not have to carry around the baggage of the past when we come to Christ. We can lay it at His feet and have a fresh start at life.

Second, David addressed the Philistine problem. Saul’s approach seemed to be to respond whenever the Philistines attacked. David chose to address them head on. After carefully seeking the Lord, he began a campaign to rid Israel of the Philistines, once and for all. Often, we deal with sin only when it becomes a problem, instead of planning ahead to ensure we have built up safeguards that will make it difficult to stumble. We all have “easily besetting sins” we must guard ourselves against if we are not going to be defeated by them. Perhaps it is time to drive some things out of your life, before you find yourself defeated by them once again.

Finally, David chose to bring the Ark to the center of the nation. Later we will read of his desire to build a Temple, to both house the Ark, and provide a place of worship for the people. Although David will struggle with the “how to” and move the Ark in an inappropriate way, he is showing his desire for God to have center stage in his life, and in the nation. Too often, we give God the back seat, or perhaps even “shotgun,” when we should be giving Him the driver’s seat. The rightful place for Jesus in your life, is sitting on the throne as Lord. Instead of letting Him be a part of your life, you should let Him be Lord of your life. If you make a mistake like David did, look into the Word and see how He wants you to live and “Just do it!”

Pastor Jim


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