What’s Love Got To Do With It? 

2 Samuel 13:1
After this Absalom the son of David had a lovely sister, whose name was Tamar; and Amnon the son of David loved her.”

“I love you” is one of the most common phrases in any language. It is the heartbeat behind many popular songs, movies or works of literature. It seems a love story is an underlining theme in every movie whether it is designed as an historical piece, a comedy, or even a horror film. The story of Amnon and Tamar reveal that the love story is as ancient as time itself, and  people were as confused then, as they are now as to what love really is.

We are told Amnon loved Tamar. However, as the details are described, it becomes clear that his feelings for her were anything but love. We read, she was his half sister, making the relationship forbidden, both biblically and genetically. After he forced himself upon her, he then cast her away like an unwanted trophy. Even the most callous reader would clearly see this was not love, but instead, a man who was driven by his passions.

While it is almost universally accepted that it is wrong to force yourself upon another, or to engage in incestual relations, there are many things which are passed off as love, that are truly nothing more than uncurbed passions. The Bible explains that true love is others-centered, and is driven by a desire to do what is right in the eyes of the Lord. One of the problems in relationships is, we forget that true love desires to please another, not just to please ourselves.

Pastor Jim


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