2 Samuel 14:14
“…God does not take away a life; but He devises means, so that His banished ones are not expelled from Him.”

By killing his brother, Absalom had committed a capital crime. The law required, upon his return to Jerusalem, he be sentenced to death. In addition, he was living as a captive to a foreign king, without the hope of ever being restored. In an attempt to convince David to forgive and restore his wayward son, Absalom, this wise woman from Tekoa speaks of the ways of God. Her words are some of the most beautiful Old Testament expressions of the heart of God for humanity.

We, like Absalom are living under the sentence of death, and held captive by a foreign king. The Bible declares, “. . . all have sinned. . .” Romans 3:23. Empirical evidence supports the Bible’s claim. We have never gone a day without sinning against God’s standards, and our God-given consciences. In addition, the Bible declares, as sinners, we are captives in the enemy’s camp. The Cross of Christ is God’s rescue effort to redeem banished ones back to Himself. When we come to God through Christ, our sins are removed and our fellowship with God is restored.

In the mind of this wise woman, God’s desire to restore placed a responsibility upon David to do the same. Since God is in the business of restoring banished ones, He expects His children to do the same. When someone has hurt us and puts a wedge in what was once a great friendship, we must seek to forgive and restore them. We must look beyond what they have done and focus upon the Cross, where banished ones are no longer expelled from God.

If you are living apart from God, today is the day to come back to Him. Confess your sins and cry out for His mercy to wash, cleanse and restore. If you are living at odds with another, lay the whole thing at the feet of Jesus, ask Him for the mercy to forgive and restore.

Pastor Jim


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