Sing To The Lord

Psalm 13:6
“I will sing to the Lord,
Because He has dealt bountifully with me.”

As this psalm begins to unfold, we find David facing some pretty difficult times. He describes himself as feeling forgotten and being overcome by sorrow. Without giving details, he describes his enemy as threatening to prevail against him. Yet, in all this, he wrote of singing to the Lord. It is the song of triumph that will often lead to release from despondency. Instead of waiting for circumstances to change, David determined to worship in the midst of trial. As he took his eyes off his suffering and fixed them on the grace of God, he soon found himself rejoicing rather than complaining.

Whatever we are facing, we have to choose whether we will focus on the difficulty or on the Lord. When we keep our eyes on the problem, it seems to only grow and it won’t be long before we feel as though it will surely do us in. When we choose to focus on the goodness of God and His faithfulness, we will find ourselves overcome with hope, faith, and even a sense of expectancy. We learn to trust that He will not only carry us through our trying time,  but will accomplish his purposes in the midst of it all.

Whatever you are facing, take some time to look up and worship God. If you cannot think of anything worthy of worship, how about looking at the cross, where the Son of God paid the ultimate price to save us from the punishment of sin.

Pastor Jim

Psalm 13

  1. Ever feel like David is describing?
  2. What is the solution when we are struggling with doubt? Look carefully at verse 5.
  3. Did verse 5 work? Take a look at verse 6.

Old Testament: 
Psalm 14- True Fools
1 Samuel 12- It Stands To Reason
1 Samuel 13- Compelled

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