I Was Blind…

John 9:25
“One thing I know: that though I was blind, now I see.”

John 9 records an event that changed a man’s life forever. That event was an encounter with the Son of God. John tells his readers that Jesus sought out a man who had lived his whole life in darkness, and with the power of God, removed his blindness and provided him with sight. We would expect the rest of this chapter to be filled with rejoicing. Instead, we read of an environment where the work of God in a person’s life put him under scrutiny. Even this man’s parents are afraid to celebrate the work of God, because of the way they will be treated by their culture. How sad, that a nation birthed by God, would become a place where those most impacted by God, would be the most persecuted.

Our world is not unlike that today. It seems the moment a person makes a decision to receive and follow Christ, they become the object of harassment. For some, our families try to talk us out of the decision we have made. For others, our friends make it their aim to get us to return to the lifestyle we were involved in before coming to Christ; even if that lifestyle may have been destructive or deadly. For all, we find ourselves on the receiving end of mockery, prejudice and verbal persecution from the media and popular opinion.

I am encouraged by the response of this young man to the hostility he faced. As he sat before the religious and political rulers of his community, they attempted to convince him that Jesus was not the Christ, the Son of God. This young man did not get into an argument, he did not attempt to answer all the theological questions they threw at him; instead he simply shared what he knew.

“One thing I know: that though I was blind, now I see.”

One of the most effective witnessing tools in a Christian’s arsenal is your own personal testimony. How did you come to Christ? What has Jesus done in your life since you received Him? What is He doing in your life today? Take some time today to reflect upon the work of God in your own life, then open your eyes to see someone with whom you can share your testimony. More powerful than all the theological arguments of the Pharisees, was the sight of a man born blind.

Pastor Jim

Questions for John 9

  1. How long had this man been blind?  How do you think that had impacted his life?
  2. Read verses 2 and 3, and also note what the Pharisees said in verse 34.  Why do people think that the man was born blind?  Did they have enough information to make that judgment?  What reason did Jesus say that he was born blind?
  3. When did Jesus heal the blind man? (verse 14)
  4. What were the Pharisee’s reactions to this?  Were they in complete agreement with one another?
  5. The Pharisees did not believe that the man had been born blind and so called the parents to confirm the story.  The parents confirmed, but would not mention Jesus.  Why not?
  6. The man born blind as he is questioned begins to reason with the Pharisees.  Do the things he is saying make good sense to you?  How did the Pharisees respond?
  7. Consistently, we see the Pharisees “majoring in the minors”.  The little thing was to keep the Sabbath, whereas the great thing was to heal a man born blind.  This is what legalism does:  it focuses on outward rules and ignores the heart and other important matters.  Are there any “rules” or religious habits in your life that take priority over your relationship with God and the real work that He is doing in you?
  8. At the beginning of this chapter Jesus calls Himself the Light of the World.  Sight is impossible without light.  Where had Jesus shone light in this chapter?  Where did darkness remain?  Is physical sight the only kind of sight?

Old Testament:
Numbers 35- Refuge
Numbers 36- Looking To The Future

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