Psalms 105:19
“…The word of the Lord tested him.”

This psalm recounts the faithfulness of God during the days of the patriarchs. After mentioning Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Psalmist reminds us of the struggles Joseph faced after being sold into slavery by his own brothers. We know he experienced betrayal, beating, false accusations and imprisonment. Each trial he faced was a means by which the Word of God put him to the test.

We face similar experiences that put us to the test. When we face heartache, confusion, difficulty or disappointment, we are essentially being put to the test by the promises of God. We are left to decide if we will trust in the scattered array of emotions we face, or in the ever changing experiences of life, or in the unchanging promises of God. Down through the ages, saints have faced extremely difficult experiences. Some have allowed these to undo their faith and even sideline them from their Master’s service. Others have chosen to cling to the promises of God, allowing them to provide comfort and direction, as they continue following Christ. There is little question that we will face trials in life. It is important that we realize,  the promises of God can stand the test of trials. God will be faithful to His word, and His promises will carry you through till the end.

Pastor Jim

Questions for Psalm 105

  1. If you have a study Bible you will see that the first fifteen verses are also found in 1 Chronicles 16:8-22. What event was happening when this was being sung?
  2. When God feels distant and far away from you, what does verses 4-5 command us to do? Now continue your search and go to the book of Hebrews chapter 11:6 and be encouraged, for you are rewarded.
  3. In verses 16-22 the Psalmist recounts the story of Joseph. If you are going through something you don’t understand know that God is in control. Read Isaiah 54:17
  4. In verses 26-45 God shows His purpose for saving the Israelites. He allowed them to witness these events so they would, “Observe His statutes and keep His laws.” All too often we please ourselves. We were made for His good pleasure. Are you honoring and pleasing the Lord? He gave us His Word for a reason- HIS PURPOSE!

Old Testament:
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1 Chronicles 10- Epitaphs
1 Chronicles 11- Coming Soon!

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