1 Chronicles 7:40
“All these were the children of Asher, heads of their fathers’ houses, choice men, mighty men of valor, chief leaders…”

images.pngWhat makes a person a “mighty man of valor?” Is it great strength? If that were the case Samson would be the most valiant man to have ever lived, instead of a man of wasted potential. Is it physical stature? King Saul was a head taller than anyone else in Israel yet he certainly lacked the ingredients that makes one valiant. Is it superior intellect? We know that Solomon was the most intelligent man of his day, yet with all that knowledge he did more to lead Israel away from the Lord than all who had gone before him. What then are the character qualities that make a person a man of valor?

Gideon is forever known as a mighty man of valor. Scripture tells us that this title was given to him while he was hiding from Midianite raiders. His title was given based upon who he would become not who he currently was. We find two key ingredients that turned Gideon from a coward to a man of valor.

The first is faith. Gideon chose to trust in the Word of God above his personal experience. When called by God to step into service Gideon did not allow his weakness to limit God. Instead He tested the promises of God and found them to be trustworthy.

Secondly Gideon lived in obedience to the Word. The Word of God was not something simply to read,highlight, underline, and Chart. For Gideon the Word was to be obeyed. When instructed to make changes in the home, cut the staff, or go to battle with all odds against him, Gideon got to work.

The world needs mighty men of valor today more than ever. Don’t let your limits get in the way of what God may want to do with your life. Instead of focussing on your weakness, look into His promises and put them into practice in your life.



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