Job 5:8
“But as for me, I would seek God, And to God I would commit my cause”

One of the reasons the book of Job is so difficult is, though much of the counsel he receives is correct, the application is misplaced. Eliphaz wrongly believed Job was in sin, and his trials were brought about entirely by his disobedience. That being said, we find in this verse, some of the wisest counsel we will ever receive,

“But as for me, I would seek God, And to God I would commit my cause”

Whatever you are facing, the right approach is to seek God and commit your ways to Him. If you are facing a time of great trial, instead of complaining about how hard it is, or looking for an easy way out, take some time to seek God. It may be, you will learn why you are facing the trial, or more importantly, you will learn something about who God is and what He wants to accomplish in your life. When Paul faced a difficult time, he took the counsel of Eliphaz and sought the Lord. He learned God wanted him to understand the sufficiency of His grace in times of need.

Another important aspect of moving ahead through difficult times, is to learn to commit our ways to the Lord. This will ensure that we walk in the right direction, and are involved in the things that are pleasing to God. It is too common among Christians, to use our difficulties as an excuse to sin. We think a rough day at work, gives us the freedom to blow off steam with a few drinks, or to unload on our wife and kids. We think a difficult situation with a friend gives us the liberty to gossip about them, or tear apart their character to make us feel better. One way to guard against allowing hardship to lead to sin, is to commit our ways to the Lord.

Whatever you are facing, whether a devastating trial or a tremendous blessing, take some time to seek the Lord and commit your day to Him.

Pastor Jim


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