Psalms 31:9
“Have mercy on me, O Lord, for I am in trouble; My eye wastes away with grief, Yes, my soul and my body!”

We cannot be certain of the situation that caused this psalm, but it is very clear the Psalmist was going through an extremely difficult season in life. He describes himself as being under severe attack and needing the Lord to be his fortress. He speaks of his troubles and his adversities, and his eyes wasting away in grief, as he cries before the Lord. He also goes into great length to speak of his emotional condition during this time. He describes himself as, “wasting away with grief, in both his soul and body” and being “like a broken vessel.” 

Without knowing the exact situation that caused his condition, we can still relate to what David was going through. All of us have known times in life of severe attack, grief and pain. The encouraging thing is, that no matter what David faced, he knew that the mercy of God was large enough, not only to comfort him, but to comfort all who endure the pain and hardship of life.

Whatever you are facing, take time today to sit at the feet of Jesus and cry out to Him.

Pastor Jim

Questions for Psalm 31

  1. David is facing some sort of difficulty in his life. He desires for God to listen to his appeal. How can we be confident that God listens when we call upon Him?
  2. God is no stranger with our trials. Verse 5 was quoted by Jesus from the cross. How does that encourage you today?
  3. How does knowing that David suffered trials help you in the midst of your own?
  4. Take the time to memorize verse 19.

Old Testament:
Psalm 32- Horses And Mules
2 Samuel 1- The Opportunist
2 Samuel 2- Shadow Boxing

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