Prescription That Works

Hebrews 1:3
…and upholding all things by the word of His power…

When the children of Israel were in the wilderness, God supernaturally provided for their needs. Each morning, as the dew settled on the ground, a substance known simply as “manna” would appear. Manna was similar to a pastry sweetened with honey, and contained all the nutritional needs of the children of Israel, throughout their wilderness journey. When the kids arose and were hungry, they were given manna, at lunch time, manna, after school snack, manna, dinner, manna. No matter what the hunger, the answer was “manna”. For those who lost site of the miraculous nature of this “Angel Food”, this may have become somewhat monotonous.

A similar thing often happens with believers. We face a fear, struggle, temptation, disappointment, challenge, or trial, and when we seek counsel, we are told to read the Bible. We might even be given a prescription of a couple of key verses, and told to memorize them, and meditate upon them. There are times when we may feel like “Come on man, I am in real trouble and need some real help, how is a Bible verse going to help me?”

“…and upholding all things by the word of His power…

Hebrews 1 describes the value of the Word of God and why, no matter what the diagnosis, the prescription is more of the Word. We are told the entire universe is held together by the Word of His power. I remember learning that within the nucleus of an atom, are two opposing charges that should repel one another but are being held together with what scientists refer to as “atomic glue.” Two thousand years ago, the Bible described the atomic glue holding all things together, as the Word of God.

The reason we prescribe the Word to be ingested daily, is because there is no substance in the universe which carries the kind of power that the Word of God does. It has the power to reveal to the sinner their need for a Savior, leading them to Christ. It has the power to transform the life of the struggling Christian, giving him strength to withstand temptation, and follow after Jesus. It has the power to equip the saint for service, providing him with a “sharp, two-edged sword” (Hebrews 4:12), with which to influence others for the kingdom of heaven.

Don’t get tired of the Word. Don’t think because you ate from it yesterday that you can skip your meal today. Like Manna, we must arise every morning and partake of the Word if we are going to benefit from its miraculous power.

Pastor Jim

Questions for Hebrews 1 
1. One of the great themes of the book of Hebrews is that “Jesus is better”. Read verses 1-2. God desires to speak and can speak in a variety of ways. However, in these last days (since the time of Jesus) what is the new way that He speaks to us? 

2. In verse 2 and 3, we learn seven things about Jesus that put Him on equal footing with God the Father. See if you can list all seven of these and consider how great Jesus is in light of these verses. 

3. In the remainder of the chapter, the author of Hebrews makes that case that Jesus is far greater than the angels: 
a. In verse 5 how does God address Jesus in a way that angels are never addressed? 

b. In verse 6 what does God command the angels of God to do? According to mean about Jesus? 

c. When God speaks to Jesus in verse 8 (quoting Psalm 45:6-7), what does Exodus 34:14 who is the only one who can receive worship? What does this He call Jesus? 

d. Consider verse 9. Because Jesus, as a man, loved righteousness and hated sin, what was the natural result in Jesus’ heart? Make living a holy life a priority that you may experience the same blessing. 

e. Read verses 10-12. What do these verses tell us about Jesus and His relationship with creation? 

f. In verse 13 what special position is Jesus invited to that no angel is invited to? 

4. Take time to worship Jesus in light of all of these wonderful truths concerning Him!

Old Testament:
Jeremiah 1- Called To Serve
Jeremiah 2- Walking In Sunshine

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