Seek Him

Luke 24:1
“Now on the first day of the week, very early in the morning…”

Crucifixion was a violent and public form of execution. The display was designed not only to punish the condemned, but to dissuade others from violating the law of Rome. It is difficult for me to comprehend the emotions that would flood those who watched, as Jesus was beaten and crucified.

These women were not casual observers, they did not watch the events as spectators or journalists, they were some of Jesus closest friends, and Mary was His mother. Watching the events of the cross must have filled her with fear, confusion, sorrow, anger and even hate. Her own Son had been betrayed by one of His close friends, He had been falsely accused, condemned, beaten and violently killed. It would be reasonable for us to read that Mary shut down, or she was filled with sorrow, wept, and questioned the love of God. Instead, we read she rose early, went seeking, and found Christ was risen from the dead.

What pains are you enduring today? Are you struggling with the emotions caused by loss, confusion, or disappointment? Are you allowing your emotions to keep you from God, or like Mary, are you willing to rise early and seek Him? I wonder what we are missing out on when we fail to take time to seek Christ.

Pastor Jim

Questions for Luke 24

  1. How did the women find the tomb of Jesus when they came in the morning?
  2. What did they find in the tomb?
  3. What were the women reminded of by the men in shinning garments?
  4. As the women told the apostles what they found, was their words well accepted?
  5. Who had to see for himself these things?
  6. Verses 13- 32 record for us the revealing of Jesus to two disciples as they traveled to a village called Emmaus. What do we observe about the two disciples when Jesus first draws near to them?
  7. At what point did the two disciples recognize Jesus?
  8. Read verse 45. This is a great verse to memorize and make a prayer every time you study the Bible.
  9. Now read verses 46-49. Then turn to Acts 1:8. Jesus is calling us to go into the entire world in the power of the Spirit and preach the gospel. The Apostles were to start in Jerusalem. Jerusalem for us would be our home town. Pray right now that God would give you boldness to be a witness for Him everywhere you go starting with the people that are around you.

Old Testament:
Numbers 17- Miracles
Numbers 18- Behind The Scenes

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