Sing To The Lord

Psalms 96:1
“Oh, sing to the Lord a new song!
Sing to the Lord, all the earth.”

IMG_8267A few years ago, while visiting a church, this particular verse was shared during the praise and worship. The worship leader drew application from the verse by encouraging everyone to sing whatever came to their mind at the moment. The result was a vast array of voices singing, speaking and in some cases shouting out different things about the character of God. While I do not doubt the sincerity of the worship team, or the congregation for that matter, I wonder if that is the best application for this verse. The psalmist, a song writer himself is actually encouraging us to author our own song to the Lord.

Songs are often written out of experience. A person endures a difficulty in life and puts a poem to music that reflects the way they felt or the things they learned. The same is true when we have happy, sad or lonely experiences. Rarely are songs ever written without a story behind them. As a result, perhaps the Psalmist is encouraging us to experience more of the Lord so we have more to sing about. If you haven’t taken a step of faith lately, perhaps now would be a good time. The end will be that you have written a new song about the faithfulness of the Lord.

Take some time to pray about what new ways the Lord a wants you to serve Him.

Pastor Jim

Questions for Psalm 96

  1. Note in this psalm the repetition of the following words: peoples, nations, world, earth, all.  Who is this Psalm directed at?
  2. Man is made to worship God, and when he does not he will find something else to worship (give his time, love, and energy to).  According to verse 4 and 5, what are the gods of the people?
  3. Go verse by verse through this Psalm and note all of the ways that we are told to worship God.
  4. Read verse 11 and 12.  Is man the only one who will worship God?
  5. At the end of this psalm in verse 13 we see one of the reasons for the rejoicing and worship called for in this Psalm.  What is that reason?  Does that cause you to rejoice?

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