Personal Conflict

Numbers 12:2
“So they said, ‘Has the Lord indeed spoken only through Moses? Has He not spoken through us also?’ And the Lord heard it.”

ConflictBW.jpgDuring football season in America, homes are filled with people who can do a better job coaching and playing than the professionals that enter the field. We call these guys “Arm-chair Quarterbacks.” They are notorious for thinking they know more and can do better than those who are in charge of the teams. This same attitude is common in the church and is often exacerbated  by personal issues between a person and the leadership. When we have a personality conflict with a leader we tend to turn it into a spiritual issue and not only bring unwarranted accusations against an elder but may even leave the church rather than allowing the Lord to deal with our flesh which needs to be cut away. That is what is happening in Numbers 12. Aaron and Miriam question the leadership of Moses, not because of his calling, anointing or gifting but because they had a problem with a personal decision he made. Moses married an Ethiopian woman and they had an issue with it.

It is important that we be honest regarding any conflicts we have with those in positions of authority in the church. We need to be careful not to accuse a leader of wrongdoing just because our personalities conflict with theirs. In 1Timothy 3, Paul gave a clear list of qualifications for those serving in pastoral ministry. If you have a problem with someone in leadership at your church the first step is to go to the list and be sure they are actually at fault. Remember, even those who are serving Christ are still being conformed into the image of Christ.


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