Undue Influence 

Hosea 2:14
“Therefore, behold, I will allure her,
Will bring her into the wilderness,
And speak comfort to her.”

Hosea is ministering to people who have drifted from the Lord. Their drifting was partially caused by the spiritual confusion of the day; a result of the leaders using their influence to pressure others into ungodly practices. Young minds have always been easily influenced by those in positions of power and prestige.

We are facing similar problems today. Actors, musicians, athletes, educators, and politicians are using their positions to influence young minds to accept lifestyles that are not only ungodly, but also unhealthy. People are being told to explore their feelings no matter where that road might take them. As a result, we are finding we have a generation of hurting, confused young people who are losing their moral compass and pursuing lifestyles that will prove to be destructive.

I am so glad Hosea declares the heart of God toward those who have been led astray. He declares, God wants to allure them back to Himself. No matter how dark things have become, we can be sure God desires to win us back. it is my prayer for those who have wandered, that their eyes would be open to the loving God who desires to wash them clean and bring them home.

Pastor Jim


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