Peace And Quiet

Isaiah 32:17
“The work of righteousness will be peace, 
And the effect of righteousness, quietness and assurance forever.”

“Oh yeah, what’s in it for me?”

This seems to be a commonly asked question. Before we make any sort of investment with our time, talent, or treasures, we want to know what the return is going to be. We want to calculate the costs, and compare them with the benefits, to determine if the investment is worth it. Here, Isaiah details the return we will receive for living a righteous life. He speaks of both the work of righteousness, and it’s effects.

Work is a word that means to expend energy in order to accomplish a desired result. It is work to lift a sofa, or move a dresser, from one part of the room to another. Isaiah explains, righteousness must be worked out. It is not enough for us to be righteous, we must do righteousness. In other words, the decision to do the right thing will produce the fruit of peace in our lives. Whenever faced with a challenge, we have to decide either to look to God and do things that will please Him, or to ignore God and do whatever we want. Isaiah promises that when we do what is right, we will be rewarded with peace. Effect is a word that refers to that which inevitably follows an action. Isaiah reveals the inevitable result of righteous action will be both quietness and assurance.

Peace, quiet, and assurance, are some of the most valuable commodities in life. Even the richest men have found their resources are not enough to purchase peace. Often, substances, or bizarre practices are engaged in, in hopes of producing peace. Yet, peace will only truly be attained when a person is in a right relationship with God. That relationship starts by receiving Jesus Christ, and continues by daily living out the precepts of His Word.

If you want some peace and quiet, try doing that which is right in the eyes of God.

Pastor Jim


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