Slip Sliding 

2 Chronicles 1:15
“Also the king made silver and gold as common in Jerusalem as stones, and he made cedars as abundant as the sycamores which are in the lowland.”

After Solomon ascended to the throne of David, he was gifted by God with everything necessary to become the greatest king the world had ever known. Because of his father’s military campaigns, the nation would experience a time of peace unlike anything they had ever known. The wisdom of Solomon and the wealth of the nation made it seem as though they would have years and years of abiding peace, strength and growth. It seemed as though nothing could stop the nation that had been birthed by God. Tragically, in a few short decades, this nation would go through a heated civil war, dividing the nation, and costing many their lives. Not too much later, this nation would be defeated over and over again by their enemies, until they were finally overthrown and carried captive to Babylon. What happened? What caused the rapid fall of a nation with such promise?

The collapse of the nation began with the compromise of its leadership. By the end of Solomon’s life, the nation was filled with altars to false gods, and the people were involved in strange and immoral worship practices. This did not come suddenly. It was the byproduct of a slow, but slippery slope that began with just a little compromise. Solomon ignored the warnings of God, and began to multiply horses, money and wives unto himself. Soon his trust was no longer in the Lord, but in his army and his wealth. His wives began to turn his heart away from the Lord.

I wonder, if we were to truly examine our lives, if we could find things that do not belong? These things did not suddenly appear, instead we let them in gradually. A casual look at something forbidden, has led to an addiction that seems to control us. A neglect of the Word, has made it more difficult to get back in the habit of reading the Word, or a misunderstanding with someone, has led to a failure to be consistent in fellowship. Whatever it may be, understand this slippery slope will end with a tragic fall.

Before things get worse, it is time to get things right. Let’s determine, today, that we will walk with Christ.

Pastor Jim


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