Search And Read

Isaiah 34:16
“Search from the book of the Lord, and read: Not one of these shall fail…”

This verse contains an exhortation followed by a promise. The exhortation is to search the book of the Lord. Webster defines search this way, “to look into or over carefully or thoroughly, in an effort to find or discover something” My wife and I look at some things quite differently. When an item is misplaced I become frustrated, thinking that if it is not where it belongs, there remains an unlimited number places to look. She on the other hand begins to search. I think she sometimes enjoys the challenge. Inevitably, in a matter of minutes, she has located that which is lost. We should approach the Word of God the way an explorer or a excavator approaches life. We must understand, there are precious treasures tucked away in the Bible, and if we are diligent, we will find the ones that are designed for our present condition. I once heard of a man in search of gold. He spent years working his claim only to come up empty. Finally, in a moment of discouragement he sold the rights to his land and moved on. The new owner, within a few days, struck it rich. The first man had given up only inches away from the mother lode.

This exhortation is a motivation with a promise; “not one of these shall fail.” This promise is like a warrantee or a guarantee. Unlike the warrantee we write, this is not followed with pages of clauses or conditions. The fact is, when God makes a promise His promise is sure. Paul wrote, all the promises of God are yes and amen (2 Corinthians 1:20). Jesus declared that even after heaven and earth pass away the Word of God will still remain (Matthew 24:35). He explained that His word was so sure that building our lives upon it is like building a house upon the bedrock (Luke 6:48). Whatever you may be facing, take the time to search within the pages of the Bible. You will find, there truly is a promise designed as a countermeasure for what you are experiencing.

Pastor Jim


Great Expectation 

1 Samuel 9:23

”And Samuel said to the cook, ‘Bring the portion which I gave you, of which I said to you, “Set it apart.”‘”

The intersection where Samuel and Saul meet is a crossroad between two fascinating story lines. Saul, the son of a wealthy and loving father, was commissioned to search out three stray donkeys. As they wandered through the land, they were divinely directed to the land of Zuph where they encountered Samuel. Meanwhile, the day before, while Saul was seeking donkeys, Samuel’s day was interrupted by the voice of God. We read, 

1 Samuel 9:15-16

“Now the Lord had told Samuel in his ear the day before Saul came, saying, ‘Tomorrow about this time I will send you a man from the land of Benjamin, and you shall anoint him commander over My people Israel…'”

It is worth noting how Samuel responded to the word he heard from the Lord. Since a feast was being prepared, he went to the head chief and instructed him to set aside a choice cut of meat for a special guest that would be arriving. The only proof he had that this guest was coming was a promise he heard from God. Yet he prepared in advance for the promise to be fulfilled. 

The confidence Samuel put in the promises of God serves as a great example for us. He acted in advance as evidence that he expected God’s word to be fulfilled. We should treat the Bible the same way. We should live with an expectation that God’s words will come to pass. When we pray for our friends to come to Christ, we should expect opportunities to arise to share with them. When we pray to be used by God, we should expect doors to open for ministry. When we pray for our relationships with others to improve, we should look for ways to love, forgive and express kindness. 

Let’s read our Bible with expectancy. 

Pastor Jim