1 Samuel 25:3
“… but the man was harsh and evil in his doings. He was of the house of Caleb.”

THE-BLESSING-WIDE.jpgWebster’s dictionary defines heritage as, “something possessed as a result of one’s natural situation or birth.” While many things may be passed from one generation to the next, the most valuable commodity we can leave for the following generations, is a godly testimony. 

The character referred to in this passage is Nabal, a man who descended from one of the giants of Scripture. He came from the family line of Caleb, whose life was summed up in the phrase that “He wholly followed the Lord” (Joshua 14:14).  This statement was made about him because he daily walked with God and was willing to venture into service for the kingdom of God, regardless of the cost or obstacles. We know Caleb to be a man who was filled with the Spirit, who walked in accordance with the Word, and believed in the promises of God. Sadly, the example set by Caleb had little affect on the way Nabal lived. He was harsh, evil and foolish. 

There is no shortage of good and Godly examples surrounding the Christian today. All around us we see others who model prayer, bible reading, service, selflessness, kindness, mission work, and a host of other vital acts of the Christian life. We need to guard ourselves against the danger of ignoring our heritage and living like foolish Nabal. 

The-Choice-Is-Yours_Theme_Pastor-Steve-McCartt-Family-Worship-Center-Florence_Web-930x523.jpgIf it were not for the revealing nature of the word of God, we might have missed the real folly of this man. On the outside, he may have seemed quite wise; he was married to a beautiful woman and he had a successful and thriving business. However, his wealth and the honor that came with it, were a mere cover up of his actual folly. We read that he ignored the warnings, and perhaps even died unprepared to face eternity. Jesus spoke of a rich fool who had achieved much in this life, but was ill prepared for that which follows (Luke 12:16-20). 

Don’t be like Nabal, who trusted in his earthly accomplishments while ignoring eternity, for that is the ultimate folly. 

Pastor Jim 

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