Jesus Saves Sinners

TODAY’S DAILY READING: Leviticus 8-9 & Luke 5
Old Testament: Leviticus 8- By The Blood

Leviticus 8:30
“Then Moses took some of the anointing oil and some of the blood which was on the altar, and sprinkled it on Aaron, on his garments, on his sons, and on the garments of his sons with him; and he consecrated Aaron, his garments, his sons, and the garments of his sons with him.”Read More

Leviticus 9- Let’s Worship

IMG_1485Leviticus 9:23-24
“Then the glory of the Lord appeared to all the people, and fire came out from before the Lord and consumed the burnt offering and the fat on the altar. When all the people saw it, they shouted and fell on their faces.”
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New Testament:
Luke 5- Jesus Saves Sinners

IMG_1486Luke 5:30
“Why do You eat and drink with tax collectors and sinners?”

The scribes and Pharisees are complaining about Jesus’ actions. They do not think He should meet with sinners. I hear this complaint every time we… Read More

The Brokenhearted

TODAY’S DAILY READING: Leviticus 6-7 & Luke 4
Old Testament: Leviticus 6- Always Burning

IMG_1482Leviticus 6:13
“A fire shall always be burning on the altar; it shall never go out.”

The Old Testament offerings served a duel purpose. First, they were designed to provide a way for man to have relationship with God. Second, they were designed as… Read More


Leviticus 7- Giving Your Best

FullSizeRender.jpgLeviticus 7:3-4
“And he shall offer from it all its fat. The fat tail and the fat that covers the entrails, the two kidneys and the fat that is on them by the flanks, and the fatty lobe attached to the liver above the kidneys, he shall remove;”

In Biblical times, fat was a sign … Read More


New Testament: Luke 4- The Brokenhearted

IMG_1483Luke 4:18
“He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, . . .”

Since man’s greatest problem is sin, man’s greatest need is for a savior. We don’t have to look too far to see that we are… Read More

In Need

TODAY’S DAILY READING: Leviticus 4-5 & Luke 3
Old Testament: Leviticus 4- Oops

IMG_1481Leviticus 4:2
“Speak to the children of Israel, saying: ‘If a person sins unintentionally against any of the commandments of The Lord…’”

Leviticus 4 addresses… Read More

Leviticus 5- Restitution

IMG_1479Leviticus 5:16
“And he shall make restitution for the harm that he has done in regard to the holy thing, and shall add one-fifth to it and give it to the priest. So the priest shall make atonement for him with the ram of the trespass offering, and it shall be forgiven him.”Read More

Luke 3- In Need

IMG_1480Luke 3:8
“We have Abraham as our father.’”

John the Baptist had a thriving ministry. We read that multitudes, or large gatherings of people, came out to hear him preach. We read that this crowd was made up of a cross section of society. There were religious people, tax collectors, and soldiers, as well as what we might call the everyday man; all of whom had come out to hear John speak.… Read More

New Opportunities

TODAY’S DAILY READING: Leviticus 1-3 & Luke 2
Old Testament: Leviticus 1-Sweet Aroma

IMG_1476Leviticus 1:2
“Speak to the children of Israel, and say to them: ‘When any one of you brings an offering to the Lord, you shall bring your offering of the livestock—of the herd and of the flock.’”

Leviticus is a book… Read More

Leviticus 2- Leaven

Leviticus 2:11
“No grain offering which you bring to the Lord shall be made with leaven, for you shall burn no leaven nor any honey in any offering to the Lord made by fire.”

Leaven is a substance (such as yeast) that makes dough rise and become light before it is baked. Because it is a small ingredient in the dough and has the tendency to spread through the whole lump, it is used in Scripture to illustrate sin. Sin always starts small, but never stays that way. When a person falls … Read More

Leviticus 3- Confession

Leviticus 3:2
“And he shall lay his hand on the head of his offering, and kill it at the door of the tabernacle of meeting; and Aaron’s sons, the priests, shall sprinkle the blood all around on the altar.”

The opening chapters of Leviticus speak of 5 different sacrifices that were presented to the Lord. These sacrifices… Read More

New Testament: Luke 2- New Opportunities

IMG_1477-1Luke 2:37
“This woman was a widow of about eighty-four years, who did not depart from the temple, but served God with fastings and prayers night and day.”

Sometimes, we wonder if our … Read More

Raising Godly Children

TODAY’S DAILY READING: Exodus 39-40 & Luke 1
Old Testament: Exodus 39- Dress For Success

IMG_1472Exodus 39:1
“Of the blue, purple, and scarlet thread they made garments of ministry, for ministering in the holy place, and made the holy garments for Aaron, as the Lord had commanded Moses.”

In order for the Old Testament priest to serve the Lord, he must be clothed in the proper attire. Moses referred to his clothing as the garments of ministry. These garments included an ephod, breastplate, robe, tunic and a turban. It was clear that those… Read More

Exodus 40- Glory Of The Lord

IMG_1474-0Exodus 40:34
“Then the cloud covered the tabernacle of meeting, and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle.”

What the church needs today more than anything else, is a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit; like the one received on the day of Pentecost, and the day… Read More

New Testament: Luke 1- Raising Godly Children

IMG_1473Luke 1:80
“So the child grew and became strong in spirit, . . .”

Every parent has the same goal. We desire the best for our children. We want to see them achieve more than we have. We… Read More

Preach The Gospel

TODAY’S DAILY READING: Exodus 37-38 & Mark 16
Old Testament: Exodus 37- Utensils

IMG_1464Exodus 37:16
“He made of pure gold the utensils which were on the table: its dishes, its cups, its bowls, and its pitchers for pouring.”

Here in the closing chapters of Exodus, the focus is upon building an elaborate tent designed as the focal point for Israel’s worship. This tent went by many names; it is called the Tent of Meeting, the Tabernacle, and the Holy… Read More

Exodus 38- Got Talent

IMG_1465Exodus 38:22
“Bezalel the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah, made all that the Lord had commanded Moses.”

Six times in Exodus we… Read More

New Testament: Mark 16- Preach The Gospel

imageMark 16:15
“Go into all the world and preach the Gospel . . .”

Paul explained to the Corinthian church the simplicity of the Gospel message. He stated that Jesus died for our sins, was buried and rose again on the third day; all according to the Scriptures. That was the message the first believers declared to their world. They went into their homes,… Read More

Foundations Of Faith

TODAY’S DAILY READING: Exodus 35-36 & Mark 15
Old Testament: Exodus 35- Willingness

IMG_1459Exodus 35:5
“Take from among you an offering to the Lord. Whoever is of a willing heart, let him bring it as an offering to the Lord: gold, silver, and bronze; . . .”

Moses had been instructed to build the Tabernacle. It was to be an elaborate facility with a solid silver… Read More

Exodus 36- Foundations Of Faith

IMG_1461Exodus 36:30
“So there were eight boards and their sockets—sixteen sockets of silver—two sockets under each of the boards.”

The Tabernacle was… Read More

New Testament: Mark 15- Response Required

IMG_1460Mark 15:20
“And when they had mocked Him, they took the purple off Him, put His own clothes on Him, and led Him out to crucify Him.”

We have come to the most solemn and most important of all Biblical events. The entire life and ministry of Jesus, as well as the whole of human history, has been leading up to these events. Jesus declared, no one could take His life, but that He would lay… Read More