Life Lessons

Deuteronomy 31:4
“And the Lord will do to them as He did to Sihon and Og, the kings of the Amorites and their land, when He destroyed them.”

As the wilderness wanderings came to an end, Israel came face to face with two formidable foes. Sihon and the Amorites, and Og and the soldiers from Bashan. Both of these enemies seemed too great a force for the children of Israel, yet they found strength in the Lord and overcame these obstacles. As Moses prepares Israel to enter the Land without him, he reminds them of these victories. In fact, as a reminder of these events, Sihon is mentioned twenty-two times in the Old Testament, and Og nineteen times. God never wanted Israel to forget the victories they experienced in the early years.

I wonder what victories have you accomplished in your walk with the Lord? Are there times when you faced insurmountable odds, chose to trust in the Lord, and saw Him accomplish the impossible? We work so hard to ensure that we never get to a place where we need to trust the Lord. We want to have all the comforts and ease, and keep ourselves from any sort of difficulty that requires the miraculous. It is in the times when we face obstacles beyond ourselves, and determine to trust the Lord, that we will have victories that will bear fruit for a lifetime.

Whatever your are facing today, lean upon the Lord for your strength, peace, comfort and direction. He will not only support you in your time of need, but will bring lessons that will last a lifetime.

Pastor Jim


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