The Light

John 1:4
“In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.”

Jesus was magnetic! People from all walks of life were drawn to Him. Lepers, paralytics, rich men, beggars, fishermen, and even Pharisees were drawn to Jesus; to meet Him, hear Him speak, and be touched by Him. At times, we read of massive crowds that gave up all other pursuits, to listen for hours as He spoke about the Kingdom of God. What was it that drew people to Him? John tells us that His life was like a light in the darkness.

Often, when I come home at night, my route into the house is through the garage. The problem is, the light switch is on the far end of the garage, near the kitchen door. Skateboards, bikes, shoes and other sports equipment are scattered across the floor, and in the darkness, facing these dangers, I am drawn to the light that shines from the house. In the same way, people facing the pitfalls of life were drawn to the light that came from Christ. John points out what that light was:

“In Him was LIFE and that was the light of men.”

John tells us, the light which shone forth from Christ was the life that He possessed. Jesus later stated that we, His followers, would be the light of the world; that through us the world would be drawn to God (Matthew 5:14). Just as the life of Christ drew men to Himself, the life that we have is what will win others to Jesus. The more we surrender to Christ, the more we allow Him to cut away, the more closely we follow Him, the greater life will come out of us; like a brilliant light drawing others to Christ.

“Let your light so shine before men that they see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

Pastor Jim

Question for John 1

  1. We are introduced to a character named “The Word” in chapter 1.  In verses 14-17 His identity is revealed.  Who is He?
  2. In verse 1 we are told three things about the Word; what are they?
  3. According to verse 3 and verse 10, what was the extent of the Word’s role in creation?
  4. We hear the phrase “born again” in the Scriptures.  According to verse 12 and 13, how must a person be born into God’s kingdom?
  5. Verse 17 tells us of a critical difference between Jesus’ ministry and Moses’ ministry; what is it?
  6. In verse 6 we are introduced to a new character; who is he, and according to verse 7 what is his role?  Can you find some verses later in the chapter where he does this?
  7. John refers to Jesus as the Lamb of God.  What was His role as “the Lamb” according to verse 29?
  8. Throughout the rest of the chapter, a number of disciples begin to be gathered to Jesus; who are they?
  9. In verse 39 and 43 we see two of the statements Jesus uses to call men to Himself; what are they?  How can you personally do this today?
  10. In verse 42 Andrew does a wonderful thing for his brother Simon; what is it?  Who are you doing this for?
  11. Read John 1:51 and Genesis 28-10-16.  By comparing these passages, what is the ladder from Jacob’s dream that connects earth and heaven?

Old Testament:
Numbers 19- Sacrifice
Numbers 20- Striking The Rock

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