In Remembrance

Luke 22:19
“This is My body which is given for you; do this in remembrance of Me.”


Everything in the life of Christ was working toward His final hour. A moment in time when He, through His death, would provide life for all who believe. Prior to the events of the cross unfolding, Jesus took time to have a last meal with His closest followers. It was at this meal that He established the sacrament of communion. He told his disciples the bread was to represent His body which would be broken to provide healing, and the fruit of the vine would represent His blood, that would be shed for the removal of sin.

A few conditions are given to those who partake of communion. First, communion is for those who believe. The sacrament has its value in what it represents. The religious activity is of no value unless you are one who has received Christ as your Savior. Second, Paul spoke of partaking in an unworthy manner, meaning, if we have sin that has not been confessed and repented of, we should deal with it before we partake (1 Corinthians 11:27-29). Finally, Jesus tells us, the primary purpose of communion is remembrance. It is a time to focus on the Lord. As we hold the bread and the cup, we should be looking back to the cross, looking up to the Lord, looking forward to His return, and looking out at those who have not yet received Christ. Remember, Christ saved you through His work on the cross, and the day is coming when He will call you home.

Let’s be ready…

Pastor Jim

Maybe tonight around the dinner table you, as a family, should partake in communion together. Simply read through this passage, pass the elements, and pray.

Questions from Luke 22

  1. Who conferred with the chief priest?
  2. How did Peter and John to know which house to go to and prepare for the Passover?
  3. What are the two elements that were distributed to the disciples while seated at the table with Jesus?
  4. Why is each element significant?
  5. Who did Jesus say was at the table with them during the Passover meal?
  6. In verses 24-37 what behavior does Jesus establish as the behavior of the follower or disciple of Jesus? (Read Matthew 20:28 and Mark 10:45)
  7. Which disciple was about to be tested?
  8. It was normal behavior for Jesus to pray all night. The disciples had seen him do that often. As Jesus would pray in the garden this night after the Passover meal, what would be different this time?
  9. How was Jesus betrayed?
  10. How many times did Peter deny Jesus?
  11. After Jesus was beaten and mocked he was questioned by which group of people?
  12. What was their accusation?

Old Testament:
Numbers 13- Follow The Leader
Numbers 14- Rejection God’s Plan

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