The Veil

Exodus 26:33
“The veil shall be a divider for you between the holy place and the Most Holy.”

IMG_1440Moses was invited by God to ascend Mount Sinai. Upon reaching its pinnacle, he received the Law of God, and the blueprints for the Tabernacle. The Law was given to reveal the perfection of God, and the sinfulness of men. Had Moses descended the mountain with only the Law, humanity would have been forever condemned. Fortunately, Moses was also given design plans for a large and elaborate tent called the Tabernacle. This tent was designed as the meeting place between God and man. Over and over, we read of it being built “according to the pattern which you were shown in the mountain” Exodus 26:30. This heavenly pattern would serve as a means to reveal God’s plan of salvation. Each and every detail of the Tabernacle, would serve as a picture of the sinfulness of man, the holiness of God, and the way to fellowship with God. Nothing revealed this more than the veil which divided the Tabernacle.

The veil was hung within the Tabernacle itself, and divided the room into two unequal parts. The larger of the two rooms included the Table of Showbread, the Lamp-stand and the Incense Altar. This room was attended daily, by the priests who would ensure the Lamp had oil, the altar had incense, and the bread was properly cycled out. On the other side of the Veil was the Holiest place. This room contained the Ark , and was the place where God would meet with man. The Holiest place could only be entered one time a year, by the High Priest. No one else was allowed in, under any circumstances. Under the Old Covenant, fellowship with God was possible, but limited.

When Jesus breathed His last breath on Calvary’s cross, we read, this Veil of separation was torn from top to bottom (Mark 15:38). No longer is access to God limited to the High Priest. Now, any, and all, who come through Christ, can have intimate and personal fellowship with God.

Don’t live life apart from God. Take advantage of the access He has provided, by receiving Christ as Savior, and walking daily with Him. No matter what your sin has been, Christ paid its penalty so you could know God, and spend eternity with Him.

Pastor Jim


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