The Harvest Is Great

Luke 10:2
The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; . . .”


Sadly, the world has no shortage of those who are in need of Christ. Our population has reached the seven billion mark. Seven billion souls walking this planet, many of whom do not yet know Christ. We recognize certain places in the world as being unreached. Places where many, or even most, of the citizens are yet to hear the good news of salvation, through faith in Christ. We need to pray, send, and provide for those who go to the uttermost parts of the earth with the Good News of Christ. However, we cannot neglect to remember the many unreached souls in our own backyard. Here, in Luke 10, as Jesus sends the seventy, we have some practical instruction on how to reach the lost.

Two by two he sent them. Fellowship and accountability are crucial to effectively serving Jesus. When we get discouraged another can lift us up, when we get stuck, another can aid us with a timely word. Team up with a friend, or friends, and commit to serving the Lord together.

Pray! No ministry can be effective without constant, continual, and corporate prayer with your team. PRAY! Pray for opportunities, and for specific people who matter to each of you. Don’t stop praying, God will answer.

Go! Sometimes the very thing keeping us from seeing God work in our lives is just getting involved. Service is not something we should only know about and talk about, but it is something we must be doing. Who can you share Christ with today?

Carry nothing. While it is not wrong to have, it is wrong to put confidence in what we have. It is usually what we lack that keeps us from telling others about Christ. “I don’t know what to say”, or “What if they ask a question and I don’t know the answer?” When we let those things stop us, we are not trusting Jesus.

Say peace to this house. Be a blessing to those who don’t know Christ, yet. They are not the enemy, but the object of Jesus’ love. Think about the behaviors of those Jesus to whom reached out. They were sinners in every way, but Jesus loved them and reached out to them. Do the same.

Tell them the Kingdom has come near. Let people know that salvation is a call away. Paul said it is not far from us, but so close that all a person needs to do is believe and receive. That message is easy to remember and you have been equipped by Jesus to share it.

Let’s team up, and go out with the glorious message of salvation through faith in Christ.

Pastor Jim

Questions for Luke 10

  1. The Lord is looking for laborers or people to go out into whose harvest?
  2. What does Jesus say is the problem with the harvest?
  3. Are you a laborer for the Lords harvest?
  4. According to verse 3, is it safe to be a laborer?
  5. As we are sent out according to the command of verse 4, we have no choice but to __________________in the Lord.
  6. As a laborer, if people reject the message of Jesus that you share, who are they actually rejecting?
  7. The seventy servants return to Jesus and illustrate for us the byproduct of being a laborer for Jesus. How did they return to Jesus?
  8. According to verse 20, what are we to rejoice in?
  9. Take a moment and consider the story of the Good Samaritan. Now take a moment and pray that the Lord would give you a heart like Him.
  10. Now consider the story of Mary and Martha. Jesus just finished communicating in this chapter the importance of serving Him and being a laborer in His harvest. What is the more important part as illustrated by Mary?

Old Testament:
Leviticus 16- Go-Goat
Leviticus 17- Imposter

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