2 Kings 3:7
“…And he said, ‘I will go up; I am as you are, my people as your people, my horses as your horses.’”

Jehoshaphat made the same mistake we all make, he made a decision without first consulting the will of God. His decision seemed, on the surface, to be a wise one. The king of Moab was threatening Israel, and if not stopped, it would not be long before he was a threat to Judah. It seemed, joining forces with Israel to attack Moab was the right thing to do. Soon it became apparent, the Lord was not behind their endeavor. After seven days of travel through the desert, the armies arrived, only to find the waters had dried up. In the heat of the desert, they found themselves seven days away from water. Without a miracle, the armies would perish before ever stepping onto the battlefield.

It is here, the story becomes an example for us. Rather than sulking in the misery of his condition, or over his failure to consult the Lord, Jehoshaphat trusted in the mercies of God, and made the decision to seek Him once again. He first asked for a prophet of the Lord, who knew the Word of the Lord, and would give him godly counsel. Second, we read that the Prophet Elisha arrived and called for a musician. In a time of great need, the prophet took time to worship. Finally, Jehoshaphat did as he was instructed. Although digging numerous shallow holes in the desert seemed to be preparing more for death than life, Jehoshaphat trusted the Word of the Lord and put it into practice.

I cannot help but note, when we find ourselves in difficulty, we need to go to a place where we can worship and hear from the Word of the Lord. That can happen anywhere, but is most common in the church. Instead of letting our difficulties push us away from the Lord, we should allow them to draw us near unto Him.

Pastor Jim

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