Mark 3:5
“Stretch forth your hand.”


When Jesus entered the Synagogue, it seemed everyone in the room knew He would address the man with the withered hand. His disciples were watching carefully. This event would be seared into their memories, and written down in the timeless Word of God. The Pharisees watched Him closely, knowing His compassion would lead Him to the man, even though it was the Sabbath. I imagine the man with the withered hand also watched eagerly, hoping Jesus would do for him, what he had done for so many others. As Jesus approached him, this man must have been excitedly anticipating what Jesus was about to do. It is here, where the story gets most interesting to me. Instead of touching the man’s hand, speaking words of healing, or even asking him to do a religious task, Jesus simply says, “Stretch forth your hand.” What sounds like a simple request to you and me was actually an impossibility. Jesus asked this man to do the one thing that he was not able to do. Had He asked him to run to the priests, to offer a sacrifice of 1000 sheep, or even travel to the pool of Bethsaida; difficult as those things might have been, they were possible. But to stretch out his withered hand, he could not do. Something happened within this man the moment he chose to obey Jesus. The impossible, not only became possible, it happened. His hand was restored.

Often, we feel like this man. Jesus highlights something in our life, and calls us to change. We look at Him as if to say, “Jesus, I can’t. I’ve tried so many times and this is too hard for me.” Christian, allow me to encourage you. The moment you decide you will obey, is the moment He provides the supernatural ability to bring about change. Together, let’s stop looking at all the reasons we cannot overcome our weaknesses, and let’s focus on His ability to transform our lives and stretch forth our withered hands.

Pastor Jim

Questions for Mark 3

  1. Jesus asks the man with the withered hand to do 2 things. What are they?
  2. What do we learn about obeying Jesus from the fact that Jesus asked this man to do what he could not do?
  3. Why do you think Jesus would forbid the unclean spirits from declaring who he is?
  4. Look carefully at the calling of the 12, what were they called to do?
  5. What lessons do we learn from Jesus’ statement that a house divided against itself cannot stand.
  6. Take some time to pray for unity in CCVB
  7. Jesus states that His real family is the ones who are obeying Him. The first step in obedience is the surrender of your life to Christ as king. Take a moment to offer yourself as a living sacrifice.

Old Testament:
Exodus 11- Stand Out
Exodus 12- Free Pass

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