He Humbled Himself

Psalm 113:6
“Who humbles Himself to behold the things that are in the heavens and in the earth?”

A few years ago my wife and I were window shopping at an outdoor mall in southern California when we stumbled onto a crowd of people huddled around a large telescope. We decided to stand in line and see what they were looking at. When our turn came to look through the view finder we were stunned. From the courtyard of the mall we were able to see the rings around Saturn. We took advantage of the moment and allowed the young man who owned the telescope to point out distant stars and even a distant galaxy. Technology has provided us with things that were unthinkable during most of human history, and there in the mall we were able to observe the heavens. I was struck both by the majesty of the heavens and by the advances of science that would allow the casual shopper a glimpse into the heavens. But I did realize that this was only possible because of the highest reaches of human development. Centuries of studying the stars had come together at that moment to provide a telescope that could view the heavens.

I often think of that when I read the Psalmists words;
“Who humbles Himself to behold the things that are in the heavens and in the earth?”

What takes the height of human development to glance at, God has to bow to look into. As majestic as creation may ever seem the creator is much more magnificent. His glory is above the heavens.

Pastor Jim

Questions for Psalm 113

  1. Verses 1-4, the Psalmist is in continual praise. He says, “From this time forth and forevermore.” Be encouraged- Pray these verses with your whole heart, AMEN!
  2. In verses 5-9, God could care less about your position in the social ladder. He uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. How do you treat the outcasts of society? Do you treat them as though they have value?
  3. Notice where the Lord seats the poor and needy. What does He grant the barren woman? PRAISE THE LORD!

Old Testament:
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1 Chronicles 19- When Things Go Wrong

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