They Marveled

Luke 20:26
“And they marveled at His answer and kept silent.

We are introduced to a group of men who are examining Jesus. They have taken the time to carefully observe Him in action, dissect His teachings, and even quiz Him on a variety of difficult subjects. Their conclusion is worth noting. We read, “they marveled.” The word “marveled” means to be amazed by, and even to admire. It is a word that would commonly be used of a person standing in a museum observing a beautiful work of art. In that case, the proper response would be to admire the work and protect it from being harmed.

These men are acting like curators and treating Jesus like a museum piece. They knew a lot about Him. They could give His opinion on a variety of subjects. They could explain how He treated the sick, blind, lame and sinners. But rather than receiving Christ and watching as He transformed their lives, they simply “marveled and remained silent.” They were content with treating Him like a museum piece.

What about you? Are you an expert on the things of Christ, or a follower of Jesus? Are you only interested in learning about the things He did, or are you determined to see Him do those same things in and through your life?

All that Jesus is and does is marvelous. We are right to be in awe of Him; but awe alone is not what He desires of us. Let’s be sure that we are following after Him.

Pastor Jim

Questions for Luke 20

  1. Who confronted Jesus in the temple?
  2. How did Jesus answer their question?
  3. Who was the next parable directed towards?
  4. Why did the spies try to trick Jesus in His words?
  5. What was the spy’s reaction to Jesus words?
  6. In verse 27 we see that the Sadducees deny that there is a resurrection. What is interesting about their question to Jesus?
  7. What story does Jesus reference in His answer to prove, that there is a resurrection?
  8. Jesus at the end of the chapter warns us of the scribe’s behavior. What would you say is the root sin for this kind of behavior?
  9. What is the outcome of the scribe’s behavior?
  10. Here’s something to consider. The scribes were experts at projecting a religious image, but a religious image before man isn’t enough. Are you really a servant of Jesus Christ, or are you more like one of these scribes?

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