Built On Sinking Sand

2 Kings 16:17
“And King Ahaz cut off the panels of the carts, and removed the lavers from them; and he took down the Sea from the bronze oxen that were under it, and put it on a pavement of stones.”

Unknown-1As Ahaz ascended the throne of Israel he seemed determined to bring about change to the nation. While on the surface this might sound noble, in reality he was attempting to remove the presence of God from the public sector. He no longer wanted the nation to be built upon the foundation of God and His word. Both personally and politically he had no interest in the ways of God. His private life was marked by turning from God and his public life was marked by signing treaties with the enemies of Judah and bringing their worship practices into the nation. Soon he began tearing apart the Temple and remodeling it to look like the pagan altars of the Assyrians.

His life illustrates the danger of looking at the world around us as the model for how to behave. Moral compromise will lead us farther and farther from the Lord which will ultimately lead to our downfall. The secret to success as an individual or as a nation is to remain faithful to the Lord.

Sadly, Ahaz is not alone. Many who have been raised in a godly home by parents who did their best to model Jesus and instill Christian values in their children have been drawn into the behaviors of the world around them. Often is it a desire to fit in and be accepted that causes us to make those initial compromises. Over time we find that we have become so distant from God that we are not even recognizable as a believer. Our speech, dress, actions and attitudes resemble the world around us more than they do the God who saved us.

If you have drifted from Jesus it is not too late to turn things around and come back to Him. The Bible tells us that the prodigal son came to his senses and returned to his father. Perhaps today it is time for you to turn around and run home, after all the arms of God are waiting to give you His embrace and restore your relationship with Him.

Pastor Jim

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