TODAY’S DAILY READING: Zechariah 1-2 & Proverbs 23
Old Testament: Zechariah 1- Return

Zechariah 1:3
“Therefore say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord of hosts: “Return to Me,” says the Lord of hosts, “and I will return to you,”’ says the Lord of hosts.”

After seventy years of captivity Israel was allowed to return to the land and begin to rebuild their broken down Temple. Millions had been taken captive and… Read More

Zechariah 2- Problems and Solutions

IMG_1244.JPGZechariah 2:10
“ Sing and rejoice, O daughter of Zion! For behold, I am coming and I will dwell in your midst,” says the Lord.

Things looked bleak for Israel. After their defeat in battle, Jerusalem was destroyed and the Jewish people were taken… Read More

Proverbs 23- Fly Away

IMG_1246.JPGProverbs 23:4-5 “Do not overwork to be rich; Because of your own understanding, cease! Will you set your eyes on that which is not? For riches certainly make themselves wings; they fly away like an eagle toward heaven.”

Riches are not evil in… Read More

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