Choose Wisely

Genesis 36:2
“Esau took his wives from the daughters of Canaan…”

Unknown.jpegEsau was the son of Isaac and the twin brother of Jacob. His life is a study of contrasts. He was an incredibly successful business man, the founder of a nation and upon the return of Jacob from Haran, Esau even serves as a beautiful picture of forgiveness. On the other hand we read that Esau was a secularist who gave little thought to how his decisions would affect eternity; when he was younger he sold his birthright for a bowl of soup and later lost his inheritance to a conniving brother. Perhaps the greatest illustration of his temporal mindedness was in his choice of a bride. Ignoring the warnings of his parents, he chose a wife from among the canaanites whose lives were diametrically opposed to the worldview of Abraham and Isaac.

Sadly, Esau is not alone in this decision. Many people have made very poor relationship decisions driven by loneliness, low self worth, fear of never being loved by another or in some cases simply settling for the first person who shows interest in them. None of these are wise ways to select a suitable marriage partner. Instead we must learn to wait upon the Lord, “fish in the right pond” and allow God to make us into a person who would be a suitable spouse.

Don’t let loneliness or hopelessness drive you to search in the wrong places for someone to spend your life with.

Pastor Jim

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