New Ways

Esther 8:9-10
“So the king’s scribes were called at that time, in the third month, which is the month of Sivan, on the twenty-third day; and it was written, according to all that Mordecai commanded, to the Jews, the satraps, the governors, and the princes of the provinces from India to Ethiopia, one hundred and twenty-seven provinces in all, to every province in its own script, to every people in their own language, and to the Jews in their own script and language. And he wrote in the name of King Ahasuerus, sealed it with the king’s signet ring, and sent letters by couriers on horseback, riding on royal horses bred from swift steeds.”

images-1The book of Esther records how the lives of the Jewish people were in great danger. Haman, one of the highest ranking officials in Persia had enacted a law that allowed the Persian people to kill the Jews and confiscate their land. As the day in which this law would be set in motion quickly approached Esther and her uncle Mordecai realized they must act quickly. They consulted the king and he allowed them to forge another law that would counteract the first one. This law allowed the Jewish people to arm themselves and gather together to resist anyone who tried to come against them. Once this law was set in motion proclaiming it to others became their number one priority. They sought to translate it in every language and send it out using every modern means available to them.

It is not difficult to see a parallel between Esther’s situation and the call of God upon the church today. The Bible teaches us that because of sin the whole world sits under the judgment of the God. But there is another law that was enacted at the cross. This law states that anyone who trusts Christ will have their sins forgiven and be saved from judgment. It is his message that has been given to the church as a whole and to the individual Christian. Like Esther and her team we must seek to use every method available to us to proclaim this message as quickly as we can. In Paul’s day he traveled across the land on the Roman highways and over the seas using their shipping lanes. When he could not make a personal visit, he wrote letters and sent them through the hands of couriers. All of this was an expression of seeking to take the gospel as far as he could as fast as he could using each and every means available to him.

Today we have platforms for proclaiming the gospel that no one could have ever imagined. The internet and social media, remove borders and allow the gospel to be heralded like never before. A message proclaimed from our living room has the potential to reach the world. In light of this I think we should consider at least three things. First, how are we using our resources to help support the proclamation of the gospel? Second, how are we using our social media platforms? Are they simply a way for us to show off how great our life is, what we had for lunch or to ramble about how dissatisfied we are with the politics? Or do we see them as a way to be a witness to others? Finally, we need to realize that although these are methods for proclaiming the gospel, they do not replace the one on one, face to face sharing Jesus with others. God gives us open doors into the lives of others so we can win them to Christ and help them grow. Continue to pray and look for opportunities to impact others for the kingdom of God.

Time is running out



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