Daily Walk 

Joshua 15:1
“So this was the lot of the tribe of the children of Judah according to their families.”

After Joshua led the armies of Israel in victory against the Canaanite kings, he distributed the land to each of the tribes. The lands were determined by lot and the size of each tribe. The lot was like a divinely inspired roll of the dice. They may have prayed, rolled the dice, and trusted the Lord for the outcome. Once the lands were distributed, each tribe was responsible to occupy their portion. In order to occupy the land, they had to settle into what they had previously conquered, then daily, deal with those inhabitants who stubbornly remained.

The same is true of the child of God today. Jesus, on the cross, conquered our enemies; the devil was defeated, and sins forgiven. It remains our responsibility to live our lives set apart from our past sins, and daily deal with those things that may lead us away from the Lord. Sadly for Israel, they neglected much of the daily responsibility. As time went on, those who they should have driven out, became their biggest challenges.

We cannot treat our relationship with the Lord as an annual or even weekly thing. If we want to live the lives God intended for us, we must walk with Him daily. It was God’s intent that Israel offer morning and evening sacrifices. The day began and ended with the Lord. We should follow that same practice, and invest daily in our walk with God.

Pastor Jim


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