Set The Gatekeeper

2 Chronicles 23:19
“And he set the gatekeepers at the gates of the house of the Lord, so that no one who was in any way unclean should enter.”

IMG_1074.jpgThere are many fascinating ministry roles found throughout the Bible. There were those who served as priests and entered the presence of the Lord on behalf of the people, others who served as kings or governors and were responsible to lead the people and those who served as prophets with the responsibility of teaching the people. Each of these roles must be a part of our walk with God. We need to serve as a priest who prays for others, a king who leads others and prophet who shares the word of the Lord with others. That said, we find a lesser known ministry role tucked away in this text. We read of the gatekeepers who protected the house of the Lord from anything that would defile it. Their responsibility was to forbid anyone from entering the temple who was not allowed or from bringing anything forbidden into the Temple. This is another necessary ministry that each of us must model daily.

The bible explains that the believer is the temple of God and that there are things that we need to guard against if we are going to remain pure and effective. Like the gatekeeper of old we need to set a watch over our eyes and ears to protect ourselves from anything that would defile us or lead us astray. Big sins always start with little compromises. A person who falls from the Lord did not set out to do so, instead they failed to act as a gatekeeper and allowed ungodly thoughts to lead to ungodly actions. The failure to guard what comes in has led to broken marriages, church splits, returning to old habits and in some cases hardened hearts that remain unwilling to turn back to God.

Set a watch over your life and guard yourself against anything that will weaken your witness or put out your burning passion for Christ.




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