Wasted Potential 

Judges 14:3

“…And Samson said to his father, ‘Get her for me, for she pleases me well.’”

Few people have ever had the kind of talent Samson had. He was gifted far above anyone else in his generation. Tragically, however, Samson wasted his gifts by consuming them in search of his own pleasures. Two truths seem to cry out from his story. 

First, I notice how common it is for gifts to be wasted. I remember back in my high school years, there was a student, just a year above me, who was the most gifted basketball player in the area. Every time he took the to court, he was a standout in scoring, and in defense. It looked as though he could write his own ticket to college, and perhaps even the NBA. Sadly, however, he got involved in the party life and went nowhere. Even as a teenager, I remember feeling so sad that all that talent had been wasted. 

Second, I notice that it is not the most talented who are the most effective. No man in history could rival Samson for the gifts he  received. He was perhaps the most talented man in all the Bible, yet he accomplished very little with his gifts. I wonder how many times we have felt, if we were more gifted we could be more effectively used by God? We think if we were a better communicator, or a bit smarter, or had musical gifts or . . . then God could use us. The story of Samson makes it clear that commitment to the Lord is far more important than talent, in the furtherance of the work of God. Instead of wishing we were like someone else, we should devote ourselves fully to Jesus, and see how He might use us, just the way He made us. 

Pastor Jim 


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