TODAY’S DAILY READING: Judges 1-3 & Acts 18

Old Testament: Judges 1- Team Work 

Judges 1:3

“So Judah said to Simeon his brother, ‘Come up with me to my allotted territory, that we may fight against the Canaanites; and I will likewise go with you to your allotted territory.’ And Simeon went with him.

When the land was distributed among the tribes,  Simeon was given a portion within the land allotted to Judah. The reason being,  Judah’s lot was too big for any one tribe. Since Judah and Simeon were going to share the land, they would have to learn to stand together in battle, to defeat their enemies.

As the events recorded in Judges unfold, we find that each of the tribes, while facing different enemies, have a common… Read More

Judges 2- Roller Coaster

Judges 2:16
“Nevertheless, the Lord raised up judges who delivered them out of the hand of those who plundered them..

The book of Judges records a reoccurring cycle in the life of the young Israeli nation. Over and over, as the story unfolds, we will read of sin, suffering, supplications and salvation. The people will disobey the Lord, becoming involved in sinful and worldly practices. These practices will lead to suffering, and their suffering will cause them to cry out to God for help. Again and again, the mercy… Read More

Judges 3- Cry Out

Judges 3:9
“When the children of Israel cried out to the Lord, the Lord raised up a deliverer for the children of Israel, who delivered them…”

As I read through the book of Judges, I am confronted with mixed emotions. On the one hand, it is a sad and tragic story of repeated failure. Over and over, we are told of the compromise of the people of God, and the suffering they experienced as a result. We are told, much of the reason for their repeated failure, was that they did not know how to fight. Instead of realizing they were facing spiritual battles, and engaging in conflict against compromise, they simply gave in. Judges records the story of failure… Read More

New Testament: Acts 18- Enduring

Acts 18:9-10
“Now the Lord spoke to Paul in the night by a vision, ‘Do not be afraid, but speak, and do not keep silent; 10 for I am with you, and no one will attack you to hurt you; for I have many people in this city.’”

Paul and his companions had been traveling from city to city and town to town; sharing the gospel, making disciples, and planting churches. They spent relatively short periods of time in each of these places until Corinth; we read, Paul remained there for a year and six months. Corinth did not seem to be… Read More

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