True Fools

Jim Gallagher

Psalm 14:1 

“The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.’”

A modern dictionary defines a fool as “someone who lacks judgment” or “a deranged person lacking in common powers of understanding.” As a form of illustration, this sentence was used: “You would be a fool to believe what he tells you.” Often, the Christian is portrayed as a fool. Sometimes, belief in God is treated as folly. More commonly, believing God is looked at as foolishness.

When The Christian is facing a trial and chooses to cling to the unshakeable promises of God, instead of the shifting sand of modern science, he is treated like a fool. Or, when determining how to handle a relationship, the child of God clings to the teaching of Scripture, rather than the immorality of the day, he finds that he is looked at as a simpleton or a prude. It has…

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