Service Of Song

1 Chronicles 6:31
“Now these are the men whom David appointed over the service of song in the house of the Lord, after the ark came to rest.”

What an interesting phrase, “the service of song.” The word service is a translation of the Hebrew word “Yad”, meaning hand. The idea implies they were putting their hands to the task of serving the Lord with music. When I think of service, I usually think of some sort of labor. Lifting, carrying, working, and sweating are all words that come to mind when I consider service. However, here we are reminded, service can be as simple and as sweet as offering a song.

Acts 13 is one of the pivotal moments in human history. As a small group of leaders gathered at the church in Antioch of Syria, two of them heard the call of God to take the Gospel to the unreached people of the Roman empire. It was this meeting that opened the door for the Gospel to reach Europe for the first time, and to change the face of Western culture. It was when these leaders were ministering to the Lord in song, that they heard His call.

Instead of treating worship as a concert or the preview to the sermon, we should consider it a way to serve the Lord. As we fix our eyes upon the Lord in worship, we will find He often responds by giving us direction in our lives.

Pastor Jim


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