Roses Are Red 

Song of Songs 7:1
“How beautiful are your feet in sandals, O prince’s daughter!”

Song of Solomon is like a series of love letters between Solomon and his bride, designed to express the great love they have for one another. Writing love letters is not unique to their relationship. Thousands of years later, it is still common for two people who are in love to write to one another. I recall a time when my wife and I were dating, she drove to the grocery store where I was working, just to put a note on my car,  so when my shift ended I would know she was thinking of me. Sadly, in many cases, as the years pass, love notes are replaced with “honey-do-lists”, and our relationship becomes more like partners working together for a common goal. In a time where communication is at high speed and easy access, many are failing to take the time to properly nurture their marriage relationship. Taking the time to write a love note to your spouse is a great way to make a positive investment in your marriage. I understand this is a difficult task for those who feel they are not particularly poetic. Perhaps a glance into some of Solomon’s notes will encourage you. In an attempt to express his love Solomon states,

Your waist is a heap of wheat”

“Your neck is like an ivory tower”

“Your nose is like the tower of Lebanon”

No doubt, these things read differently in his culture, than they do in ours, but I still have to wonder if any woman really wants to be compared to wheat or an old building. I suggest, the real power behind his poetry was that he wrote it especially for her. Take a few moments to think about the things you appreciate most about your spouse and write a little note telling her (him) how much you love her (him) . Your marriage is worth the investment.

Pastor Jim


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