Job 33:24
“Then He is gracious to him, and says, ‘Deliver him from going down to the Pit; I have found a ransom’. . .”

Jesus explained to the religious leaders, that while they searched the Scriptures thinking they would find life, in reality, the Scriptures testify of Jesus. In other words, we should be able to see Jesus throughout the Bible. Sometimes, He is subtly behind the scenes, other times, He is front and center, and cannot be missed. Here, in the testimony of Elihu, we see a wonderful prediction of the work of Christ. Elihu points out, the real problem with mankind is that we are sinners and as such, are under a curse, and headed for what he calls the pit. The solution presented by this young man is that God Himself will provide a ransom for fallen men.

As the pages of Scripture continue to unfold, it will be very clear that the ransom of which he spoke, is nothing short of God sending His own Son. Jesus declared that his reason for coming was to seek and save lost men by becoming a ransom for them. It was on the cross where Jesus paid the debt we owed God, with His own life. He paid a debt that He did not owe, so that we could have a future we did not deserve.

This ransom is sufficient enough to provide atonement for all mankind. There is no person who will come to Christ and be rejected. The New Testament records the testimonies of religious men and common men, as well as murders, prostitutes and idol worshippers, all coming to Christ, being received, forgiven, transformed and sent forth as messengers to the world, telling  of the wonderful work of Christ. What a joy to know that God has paid our ransom. The debt of sin has been settled, and all mankind can now come to trust in Christ and be forgiven.

This is the message given to the church to declare in the world. Take a few minutes to pray for an opportunity today to tell someone about the grace and love of God, who has paid their debt so they can be forgiven.

Pastor Jim



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