A Mother’s Influence 

2 Chronicles 22:3
“He also walked in the ways of the house of Ahab, for his mother advised him to do wickedly.”

These were dark days in Judah. The once glorious land was filled with idols, immorality and unrighteousness. This had so weakened the nation, they were being attacked and defeated on all sides. Desperate times like these always provide a backdrop for men and women of God to rise to the occasion, and have a tremendous impact upon their world for the kingdom of God. Unfortunately, Ahaziah was not that man. Instead of using his position as king to bring about true and lasting change by turning the hearts of the people back to the ways of God, Ahaziah led the people farther and farther away from the Lord. This young man helped weaken the nation and hasten its demise. Sadly, the strongest influence in leading Ahaziah away from the ways of God was his mother, Athaliah, who advised him to do wickedly.

A mother has an immense influence on her children. Her choices will have a lasting impact on the development, and later success of her kids. In the New Testament, we read of a young man named Timothy, who became a great leader in the early church. Timothy grew up in a home with a believing mother and an unbelieving father. It was the godly example of his mother and grandmother that had the greatest influence on his life. Their example of prayer, obedience, and Scripture reading, would prove to be a greater draw to young Timothy than the temptations of the world in which he grew up.

We must never lose site of the impact we have on those around us. The way we choose to live will influence others. This is particularly true of parents. If you want to see your children walk with the Lord, the first step is to walk closely with Him yourself. If you have prodigal children. Take a moment right now to pray for them, and to remember, God is in the business of bringing prodigals home.

Pastor Jim

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