The Record

In the first nine chapters of 1 Chronicles we find a sea of names. One after another, the genealogical records of Israel are listed. The records were vitally important to the nation because land distribution, priestly service, the throne, and the coming Messiah were determined by lineage.

Reading through all these names can be somewhat tedious. We know very little about many of the characters, and some of the names are quite difficult to pronounce. That being said, I am encouraged by many of those whose names are listed. The records include the likes of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Caleb, David and many others. These names should flood our minds with memories of great, even heroic acts of faith and faithfulness. These men were used by God to turn the world upside down. Their simple lives, lived out in faith and obedience, have forever changed to history of humanity.

When it comes to your life, what will the record show? Will you have lived in a way that sets a pattern for generations to follow? Or are you living only to satisfy your own selfish desires? Life is short and one day your name will be listed among those who once walked the face of the earth. What testimony will you leave behind?

Pastor Jim


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