2 Kings 25:2
“So the city was besieged until the eleventh year of King Zedekiah.”

Imagine sitting on Mount Scopus, just a little northeast of Jerusalem, as the Babylonian forces surrounded the city. Before long, the walls were penetrated, and the city taken. First the leaders were gathered and executed, then the city was plundered and burned. What had once been a glorious testimony to the goodness of God, now told an entirely different message. All who watched the city fall should have learned the devastating effects of sin. Even after a contingency returned to rebuild the temple, Jerusalem would still bear scars from its fall.

For years, two different messages were being heralded within the city. There were the politicians who believed the secret to success was to form an alliance with Egypt and fight the Babylonians, while the prophets declared that it was time to submit to Babylon and trust in the mercy of God. Sadly, to the end, the people refused the ways of God, and the city was destroyed.

I am certain you are not surrounded by Babylon, but you may be facing some real life calamity. Sometimes, the difficulties we face are a result of the sins of others, or of living in a fallen world. However, it is at least possible, we may be facing the consequences of not obeying the Word of God. Take a few minutes to examine your life. If you discover you are involved in things that are forbidden by God, make the appropriate changes. The mercy of God is so great He will forgive and restore.

Pastor Jim


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