You Know That’s Right

2 Kings 22:2
“And he did what was right in the sight of the Lord, and walked in all the ways of his father David; he did not turn aside to the right hand or to the left.”

Josiah was the youngest king to reign over the nation of Israel. At eight years old, his father died and he ascended the throne. We read very little of the early years of his reign, but at eighteen, he began a campaign to reform the nation, and turn the people back to the Lord. Josiah would go on to become one of the greatest kings in the nation’s long history. His success is summed up in three simple statements: he did what was right, he walked in the ways of the Lord, and he did not allow himself to become sidetracked by other things. As his story unfolds, we see the application of each of these points.

Josiah wanted to do what was right, and to please the Lord. He recognized, if this was going to happen, he had to make some spiritual investments in the kingdom.

The first step was to repair the broken down Temple. Neglect and the pursuit of other things, had left the Temple in disarray. Josiah sought to restore it; no matter what the cost. During the remodel, the Word of God was discovered in the rubble. It seems as though all the work stopped, as the king and the leaders sought to understand the meaning of God’s Word. With a little counsel, they soon discovered there was a lot more work to be done in the nation than they first believed. King Josiah began a campaign to remove all the articles and rituals which were contrary to the Word of God. By the end of his reign, he restored the Temple, abolished the idolatrous practices, and led many people into a right relationship with the Lord.

Josiah’s life is a great example for anyone who wants to follow the Lord. The first step is always to begin work in our own lives. In order to repair what is lacking in our relationship with the Lord, we must search the pages of His Word, learn what is unacceptable to Him, remove it from our life, then live to please the Lord. Then we will find our lives will impact others, and encourage them to pursue the Lord as well.

Now would be a good time to examine your life. Are there things that have been built in, that should be removed? Are you practicing things that are forbidden by the Word of God? If so follow the example of Josiah and remove them no matter what the cost.

Pastor Jim


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