When Leaders Lead

Judges 5:2
“When leaders lead in Israel,
When the people willingly offer themselves,
Bless the Lord!”

After defeating the enemies of Israel, Deborah and Barak led the people in a song celebrating the Lord’s victory. This song gives insight into how things are accomplished within the Kingdom of God. It is clear, it was a work of God. We read, “The Lord went out from Seir, . . .” It is also clear, the works of God are accomplished when people are willing to step out in the service of God. The key to Israel’s victory was leaders who led, and people who willingly offered themselves. We know Barak was a bit reluctant to lead; he would not go unless Deborah joined him. None the less, he went. As these two stepped out in faith, countless others rose to the challenge, devoting themselves to the service of the Lord.

Things within the Kingdom of God have not changed. God’s method to accomplish His work has always been through those who willingly offer themselves to Him. If we look back and study the revivals in history, we always find they started with an individual, or small group, who devoted themselves more fully to the Lord. As they stepped out in service, others were impacted. The band “Leeland” put a poem from the Great Awakening to music, the chorus says,

“One man wakes, awakens another
Second one wakes his next door brother
Three awake can rouse a town
And turn the whole place upside down”

We will never know what God may want to do through our lives, until we surrender ourselves to His service. We may be on the verge of another great move of God, but it will only be revealed, as we share Christ with the world around us.

Pastor Jim


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